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Anchor Church Caves


Bardon Hill


Beacon Hill


Blackbrook Reservoir


Bradgate Park


The Brand


Cademan Woods & Broad Hill


Carver's Rocks


Cliffe Hill Quarry


Craig Buddon


Enderby Quarry


Finedon Slabs


Forest Rock


Grace Dieu Viaduct and Craglets


Granitethorpe Quarry


Groby Industrial Estate


Hangingstone Quarry


Hangingstone Rocks


High Sharpley


Huncote Quarry


Markfield Quarry


Minor Outcrops and Boulders


Morley Quarry


Mountsorrel Crags


Nunckley Quarry


Oaks Pinnacle


Outwoods Crag


Pocketgate Quarry


Slawston Bridge


Whitwick Quarry


Whitwick Rocks


Climbing Walls










A Pebble Too FarE1Anchor Church Caves

African RoadVDGroby Industrial Estate

Afternoon StrollHSGranitethorpe Quarry

AlibiE1 Hangingstone Quarry

Alleluia RoadVS††† *†††† Huncote Quarry

Alleluia Wall††††† Huncote Quarry

Alter Stones††††† Markfield Quarry

Anchor Church Caves††††† Crag Quality

Anchor Church Caves, map††††† Carvers Rocks

Anchor Church Caves, plan††††† Anchor Church Caves


And You and IE2††† **†††† Beacon Hill

Ants NestVD††† Groby Industrial Estate

Arrows of Desire††††† History

Arrows of DesireE3††† * ††††Markfield Quarry

AutoHVS††† *†††† Beacon Hill

Babbies BottomS††† **†††† Markfield Quarry

BacksnapperS††† Groby Industrial Estate

Ballistics (gone)HVS††† Huncote Quarry

Ballot BoxVD††† Whitwick Quarry

BalsoonHVS††† *†††† Beacon Hill

BaptismVS††† ***†††† Markfield Quarry

Bardon Hill††††† Crag Quality ††


Bardon Hill Boulders††††† Bardon Hill

Bardon Hill Quarry, map††††† Bardon Hill

Bardon Hill Quarry, sketch††††† Bardon Hill

Barrow Hill Quarry††††† Introduction

Barrow Hill Quarry††††† Granitethorpe Quarry

Beacon Face††††† Beacon Hill

Beacon Face, map††††† Beacon Hill

Beacon Face Left, photo††††† Beacon Hill

Beacon Face Right, photo††††† Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill††††† Crag Quality ††


Beacon Hill, map††††† Beacon Hill

Beacon View Outcrop††††† Hangingstone Rocks78

BearD††† Outwoods Crag

Bee‑bop‑alulaHVS††† Huncote Quarry

Bella Donna (gone)VS††† *†††† Huncote Quarry

Benscliffe Wood†† Minor Outcrops

Betty's Slab††††† Markfield Quarry

Betty's Slab, sketch††††† Markfield Quarry

Betty Peg††††† Markfield Quarry

BIcVS††† Markfield Quarry

Biceps4c††† Bradgate Park

Big Crack††††† Markfield Quarry

Bigwigs BundleE1††† Markfield Quarry

Billa Barra††††† Minor Outcrops

Birch Tree RibVD††† Bardon Hill

Black BackVS††† Oaks Pinnacle

Black CleftS†† Bardon Hill

Black SlabVD††† Markfield Quarry

Black Wall††††† High Sharpley81

Black Wall, map††††† High Sharpley41

Blackbrook Crag, map††††† Blackbrook Reservoir30

Blackbrook Reservoir††††† Crag Quality


BladeHVS††† **†††† Craig Buddon

BlueshiftVS††† *†††† Finedon Slabs

Bogey WallS††† Nunckley Quarry121

Born to be Wild (gone)††††† History††

BowVD††† **†††† Beacon Hill


Brained CrackHS††† Carvers Rocks48

BrambleS††† Groby Industrial Estate

Bramble EdgeVD†††† *†††† Markfield Quarry


Breedon Cloud††††† Minor Outcrops

Breedon Cloud, map††††† Carvers Rocks46

Breedon Hill††††† Minor Outcrops

Breedon Hill, map††††† Carvers Rocks46

Brewery WallHS††† Whitwick Rocks140

Broad Hill††††† Cademan Wood42

Buck Hills††††† Minor Outcrops

Buck Hills, map


Buddon Quarry††††† Mountsorrel Crags120

Buffalo BillVD††† Groby Industrial Estate

Builder's ArÍteVD††† Morley Quarry116

Bully5b††† Finedon Slabs

Burning Bow††††† (see†† Puppy Love†† 105††

Bus StopVD††† Whitwick Rocks140

Cacophany, photo††††† Introduction8

Cademan Wood††††† Cademan Wood43


Cademan Wood, map††††† Minor Outcrops

Cake WalkD††† Markfield Quarry

Calvary Rock††††† Cademan Wood42

Calvary Rock, map††††† Cademan Wood40

Calver Hill Quarry††††† Granitethorpe Quarry

Canned ArÍteS††† Carvers Rocks48

Car Hill Rock††††† Cademan Wood39

Car Hill Rock, map††††† Cademan Wood40

Carved ArÍteHVS††† Carvers Rocks48

Carvers Rocks††††† Crag Quality ††


Carvers Rocks, map††††† Carvers Rocks46

Carvers Rocks, plan††††† Carvers Rocks46

Cary (or Carey) Hill Quarry††††† Granitethorpe Quarry

Castle Crag††††† Mountsorrel Crags119

Castle Crag, plan††††† Mountsorrel Crags120

Castle Hill††††† (see†† Mountsorrel Crags)†† 117††

Catchpenny Twist (gone)††††† History††

CelesteHVS††† Markfield Quarry

Cemetery Gates4b††† Bradgate Park

Cenotaph Corner4a††† Bradgate Park

Central Buttress††††† Nunckley Quarry121

Central CrackVS††† ***†††† Pocketgate Quarry 129

Central RouteVS††† ***†††† Oaks Pinnacle

Chariots of Fire††††† (see†† Plain Sailing)

Chequered SlabVS††† **†††† Markfield Quarry

Chequered Slab, sketch††††† Markfield Quarry

Chicken RunHVS††† Huncote Quarry

Christ††††† History††

ChristE1††† ***†††† Hangingstone Quarry ††

Christ Almighty††††† History††

Christ AlmightyE2††† ***†††† Hangingstone Quarry ††

Church Crag††††† Mountsorrel Crags120

Church Quarry††††† (see†† Forest Rock)†† 61††

Cioch WallS††† Markfield Quarry

Circus of HeavenE1††† *†††† Beacon Hill

ClearawayS††† **†††† Markfield Quarry

Clint (or Clent) Hill Quarry††††† Granitethorpe Quarry

Cloister Groove††††† History††

Close ShaveHVS††† Anchor Church Caves

Cloud NineS††† Whitwick Quarry

ClownS††† Outwoods Crag

Coal Pit Lane Quarry††††† (see†† Enderby Quarry)†† 54††

Cocklow Quarry††††† Mountsorrel Crags120

Cod Liver Oil (gone)VS††† *†††† Huncote Quarry

Colditz††††† (see†† High Sharpley)†† 79††

Collier Hill††††† Oaks Pinnacle124

Collywobble CrackHS††† *†††† Beacon Hill

Concrete BananaHVS††† Markfield Quarry

Contract BridgeS††† Markfield Quarry

CorollaryE1††† Carvers Rocks49

Crab CrawlS††† **†††† Markfield Quarry

Crack and ArÍte4b††† Bradgate Park

Cracked WallS††† Markfield Quarry

Cracks RouteM††† Hangingstone Rocks78

Crag Behind The Garage††††† Mountsorrel Crags120

Crag Opposite††††† Whitwick Rocks140


Craig Buddon††††† Crag Quality


Craig Buddon, map††††† Nunckley Quarry122

Craig Buddon, photo††† ††Craig Buddon53

Cresta Run4b††† Finedon Slabs

Crete ArÍteVS††† Carvers Rocks49

Crocodile Sandwich††††† Markfield Quarry

Croft Crags††††† Huncote Quarry

Croft Quarry††††† (see†† Huncote Quarry)†† 82††

Crossed Arms RouteVD††† Hangingstone Rocks76

CrownS††† *†††† Markfield Quarry

CryptE1††† **†††† Hangingstone Quarry ††

Crypt Trip††††† (see†† Sorceress)†† 63††

CullVD††† Craig Buddon

D76E1††† *†††† Carvers Rocks 49

DandyD††† Craig Buddon

DangleberryVS††† *†††† Huncote Quarry

Date Of The Next ElectionHVS††† Whitwick Quarry

Dawsons Rocks††††† (see†† Carvers Rocks)†† 47††

Daylight GrooveVS††† Huncote Quarry

Dead ArÍteS††† Markfield Quarry

Dead BayVS††† Markfield Quarry

Dead Bay Area, sketch††† Markfield Quarry

Death Valley NightsHVS††† Beacon Hill

DeceptionVS††† Huncote Quarry

Deceptive ChimneyM††† Hangingstone Rocks77

Deceptive Crack4b††† Bradgate Park

DecrepitationHVS††† Markfield Quarry

Definitely NotE2††† *†††† Forest Rock 62

DelicardoS††† Blackbrook Reservoir30

Derek's DilemmaHVS††† Morley Quarry116

Dinghy DaysVS††† *†††† The Brand 37

Dolben ArmsVS††† *†††† Finedon Slabs

Doorway††††† Anchor Church Caves

Down in the Sewer4c††† Finedon Slabs

Down Under5b††† Finedon Slabs

DozerVS††† Enderby Quarry55

DringleVS††† *†††† Huncote Quarry

DropsyVS††† Markfield Quarry

DrottVS††† Enderby Quarry54

Dry Walls††††† The Brand36

Dry Walls, photo††††† The Brand36

Drybrook Crag††††† High Sharpley81

Drybrook Crag, map††††† High Sharpley41

Dusty DesireHS††† Craig Buddon

Easy Corner2b††† Bradgate Park

Easy RouteS††† Hangingstone Rocks76

Easy SlabD††† Blackbrook Reservoir30

Easy Street1c††† Finedon Slabs

EdgeHS††† Outwoods Crag

Elderberry CornerVD††† Markfield Quarry

Elderberry CrackD††† Markfield Quarry

End SlabVD††† Nunckley Quarry121


Enderby Quarry, map††††† Enderby Quarry55

Eton Rifles††††† History††

Eton RiflesE4††† ***†††† Huncote Quarry

Extra DelightHS††† Groby Industrial Estate

Eye for a LineHVS††† Carvers Rocks48

Face RouteHS††† Hangingstone Rocks76

Fast HomeM††† Markfield Quarry

Fern ArÍte5a††† Bradgate Park

Final WallVD††† Whitwick Rocks140


Finedon Slabs, plan††††† Finedon Slabs60

Finger Wall5c††† Bradgate Park

Fingerlicker††††† (see†† Lingerficker)†† 49††

FingersHVS††† Carvers Rocks48

FireS†† Beacon Hill

Firing Squad††††† History††

Firing SquadE4††† ***†††† Huncote Quarry

Fish Out Of WaterE2††† **†††† The Brand 38

FisherVS††† The Brand36

Flake Crag††††† High Sharpley80

Flake Crag, map††††† High Sharpley41

Flake CrawlVD††† Hangingstone Rocks77

FlakesHVS††† Carvers Rocks48

Flat Rock††††† Oaks Pinnacle123

Flat Rock, photo††††† Oaks Pinnacle120

FlypaperS††† Whitwick Rocks140

FontVS††† Markfield Quarry

Forest Rock††††† Crag Quality


Forest Rock, map††††† Forest Rock63

Forest Rock, photo††††† Forest Rock64

Forest Rock Quarry††††† (see†† Whitwick Quarry)†† 136††

Forest SlabsD††† Beacon Hill

Forest WallVD††† Beacon Hill

Forest Wall††††† Forest Rock62

Forest Wall††††† Minor Outcrops

ForkVS††† Markfield Quarry

Four Routes Wall††††† Hangingstone Rocks77

FracasVD††† Blackbrook Reservoir30

Freebird (gone)††††† History††

Friction GripS††† Bardon Hill

Froanes Quarry††††† (see†† Enderby Quarry)†† 54††

Funky DudesVD††† Bardon Hill

FusiladeVS††† Huncote Quarry

Future TimesHVS††† *†††† Craig Buddon

Gamekeepers RefusalE1††† Craig Buddon

Gardener's CrackVD††† Groby Industrial Estate

Gas Oven Traverse††††† (see†† Puppy Love)†† 105††

GhengisE7(?)††† Granitethorpe Quarry

Girdle TraverseVS††† Bardon Hill

Girdle TraverseHVS††† Finedon Slabs

Girdle TraverseS††† Hangingstone Rocks78

Girdle TraverseHVS††† Huncote Quarry

Girdle TraverseVD††† Markfield Quarry

Girdle TraverseVS††† *†††† Pocketgate Quarry 129

Girdle Traverse, Huncote††††† History††

Gladstone Wall4b††† Finedon Slabs

Gladstone Wall, sketch††††† Finedon Slabs58

Go HomeD††† Markfield Quarry

Go SlowVS††† Craig Buddon

Gollywogs Cake WalkVD††† *†††† Markfield Quarry

Gorse SlabVD††† Markfield Quarry

Grace Dieu Boulder††††† Grace Dieu Viaduct66

Grace Dieu Boulder, map††††† Cademan Wood40

Grace Dieu Boulder, plan††††† Grace Dieu Viaduct66

Grace Dieu Gorge††††† Grace Dieu Viaduct66


Grace Dieu Viaduct, map††††† Cademan Wood40

Granitethorpe Quarry††††† Crag Quality ††

Granitethorpe Quarry, map††††† Granitethorpe Quarry67


Gravure ArÍteHVS††† *†††† Carvers Rocks 49

Great Slab††††† Granitethorpe Quarry

Great White WhaleVD††† Granitethorpe Quarry

Green For Go5b††† Bradgate Park

Green Meat GroovesS††† *†††† Huncote Quarry

Green SlabS††† Whitwick Rocks140

Grey Slab††††† Markfield Quarry

Grey SlabS††† Markfield Quarry

Grey Slab, sketch††††† Markfield Quarry

Grimley's Rock††††† Cademan Wood39

Grimley's Rock, map††††† Cademan Wood40

Groby A50 Quarry††††† Minor Outcrops

Groby Industrial Estate††††† Crag Quality ††


Groove D'ArÍte†† VS4bMarkfield Quarry

GroovyD††† Groby Industrial Estate72

Gujerati GirlE5††† **†††† The Brand 37

Gun Hill††††† High Sharpley81

Gun Hill, map††††† High Sharpley41

HadjiVS††† Huncote Quarry

Hail MaryE2††† Huncote Quarry

HalcyonD††† Craig Buddon

HammerheadE1††† Finedon Slabs

Hangingstone Quarry††††† Crag Quality ††


Hangingstone Quarry, map

Hangingstone Quarry, photo††††† Hangingstone Quarry75

Hangingstone Rocks††††† Crag Quality ††


Hangingstone Rocks, map

Hanney's HangingHS††† Huncote Quarry

Hard ShoulderHS††† *†††† Markfield Quarry

HarpyD††† Craig Buddon

Harry Is A SandbagVS††† Granitethorpe Quarry

Haunch of PegasusS††† Hangingstone Rocks77

Hawcliff Quarry††††† Mountsorrel Crags120

Heat Treatment††††History††

Heat TreatmentE2††† ***†††† Huncote Quarry

HedgehogS††† Markfield Quarry

HelloverhangVS††† Hangingstone Quarry ††

Hermit's CrackVS††† Anchor Church Caves

Hermit's FingerE2††† Anchor Church Caves

High Cademan††††† Cademan Wood43

High Cademan, map††††† Cademan Wood41

High Sharpley, map††††† Minor Outcrops

High Tor††††† Minor Outcrops

High Tor, map††††† Minor Outcrops


Hill Hole††††† (see†† Markfield Quarry)

Hill Top Crag††††† High Sharpley80

Hill Top Crag, map††††† High Sharpley41

Hill Top Crag, photo††††† High Sharpley88

His NutS††† Hangingstone Rocks77

HitlerHVS††† Finedon Slabs

Hob's Hole, map††††† Cademan Wood40

Hob's Hole Crag††††† Grace Dieu Viaduct66

Holed WallVS††† Carvers Rocks48

Holey WaterVS††† Markfield Quarry

Holy Ghost††††† History††

Holy GhostE3††† **†††† Hangingstone Quarry

Hot Rails to HellHVS††† Beacon Hill

HullabalooVD††† Blackbrook Reservoir30

Huncote Quarry††††† Crag Quality ††


Huncote Quarry, map††††† Huncote Quarry

Hy‑MacHVS††† Enderby Quarry54

HydroVD††† *†††† Granitethorpe Quarry

HydrotacticVS††† *†††† Granitethorpe Quarry

I SpyVD††† Groby Industrial Estate71

In DragE4(?)††† Granitethorpe Quarry

Intensive Scare††††† History††

Intensive ScareE4††† ***†††† Huncote Quarry

Is There a Better WayS††† Beacon Hill

Isolated Crag††††† High Sharpley81

Isolated Crag, map††††† High Sharpley41

Isolated Pinnacle††††† Oaks Pinnacle124

Ives Head††††† Minor Outcrops

Ives Head, map††††† Blackbrook Reservoir30

Jack in the BoxHS††† *†††† Beacon Hill

JiggeryS††† Carvers Rocks48

Just RightVD††† Markfield Quarry

KateVS††† **†††† Markfield Quarry

Kinchley Hill Quarry††††† (see†† Nunckley Quarry)†† 6††

Kings Mill††††† Minor Outcrops

Kings Mill, map††††† Carvers Rocks46

LaminaA1††† Pocketgate Quarry129

Latent WallHS††† Morley Quarry116

Left (Pipe) Wall, sketch††††† Slawston Bridge135

Left ArÍteVD††† Markfield Quarry

Left ArÍteVS††† *†††† Oaks Pinnacle

Left ArÍteS††† Whitwick Rocks140

Left EdgeVD††† Markfield Quarry

Left FaceVS††† Oaks Pinnacle ††

Left NostrilVD††† Beacon Hill

Left WingVD††† Hangingstone Quarry ††

Left Wing††††† Outwoods Crag

Left Wing of Left (Pipe) Wall, sketch††††††† Slawston Bridge†† 134††

Left Wing of Right (Sun) Wall, sketch††††††† Slawston Bridge†† 133††

Leprosy Wall (gone)VS††† Huncote Quarry

Lichen ButtressD††† Pocketgate Quarry127

LimboVS††† *†††† Beacon Hill

LingerfickerVS††† Carvers Rocks49

Link UpHVS††† Whitwick Quarry

Little Nightmare††††† History††

Little NightmareE1††† **†††† Huncote Quarry

Local ElectionHVS††† Whitwick Quarry

Locomotor AtaxiaVS††† *†††† Huncote Quarry

Loose LeafE1††† The Brand37

Looseflake CrackVS††† Markfield Quarry

Lough. Univ. Climb. Wall, sketch††††† Lough. Univ. Climb. Wall94


Love Over Gold6a††† Finedon Slabs

Lower Tier††††† Markfield Quarry

Lupus (gone)VS††† Huncote Quarry

M and B TraverseVS††† Groby Industrial Estate

Main Face††††† Outwoods Crag

Main GullyVD††Carvers Rocks49

Main Outcrop††††† Hangingstone Rocks76

Main Outcrop, photo††††† Hangingstone Rocks77

Main StreetVD††† Carvers Rocks49

MalaiseVS††† Huncote Quarry

MangoVS††† ***†††† The Brand 36

MarineD††† Beacon Hill

Markfield Quarry††††† Crag Quality ††


Markfield Quarry, plan††††† Markfield Quarry

Maserati GT6a††† Bradgate Park

Master's Wall††††† Markfield Quarry

Mayday Rib (gone)S††† Huncote Quarry

Melbourne Quarry††††† Minor Outcrops

Melbourne Quarry, map††††† Carvers Rocks46

Memorial Crag††††† Mountsorrel Crags118

Memorial Crag, plan††††† Mountsorrel Crags118

Men at WorkE2††† **†††† Finedon Slabs

Mexican StandoffE2††† *†††† Huncote Quarry

MidS††† Outwoods Crag

Midnight CrackHVS††† Huncote Quarry



Moat Climbing Wall, sketch 1&2††††† Moat Climbing Wall

Moat Climbing Wall, sketch 3&4††††† Moat Climbing Wall

Moat Climbing Wall, sketch 4&5††††† Moat Climbing Wall

Moat Climbing Wall, sketch 6&7††††† Moat Climbing Wall

Modular††††† History††

ModularE3††† ***†††† The Brand 37

MonkeyVD††† Outwoods Crag

Monkey BusinessVS††† Anchor Church Caves

Monks FollyE1††† Anchor Church Caves

Moon Age Day DreamE1(?)††† Granitethorpe Quarry

MoonshotE1††† ***†††† Beacon Hill

Moonshot DirectE1††† Beacon Hill

Morley Quarry††††† Crag Quality ††


Morley Quarry, map††††† Blackbrook Reservoir30

Morley Quarry, map††††† Morley Quarry115


Mountsorrel Crags, map††††† Mountsorrel Crags117

Mr Kipling's Country Slice (gone)††††† History††

Mulso Arms3c††† Finedon Slabs

NamelessVS††† Blackbrook Reservoir30

Nanpantan Hill††††† Minor Outcrops

NecroticS††† Huncote Quarry

New Boots VS††† Anchor Church Caves

New RoseHVS††† *†††† Morley Quarry 116

NezE3††† Carvers Rocks49

Nicks WayHS††† *†††† Markfield Quarry

NilE2††† Carvers Rocks49

Nil DesperandumS††† Hangingstone Rocks77

No Can CanVS††† Carvers Rocks48

No OvertakingD††† Markfield Quarry

Noon GrooveE1††† Huncote Quarry

North Wall††††† Finedon Slabs57

Nose ArÍteS††† Markfield Quarry

NostrilVD††† Beacon Hill

Number Four Crag††††† Beacon Hill

Number Four Crag, map††††† Beacon Hill

Number Four Crag, photo††††† Beacon Hill

Number Three Crag††††† Beacon Hill

Number Three Crag, map††††† Beacon Hil

Number Three Crag, photo††††† Beacon Hill


Nunckley Quarry, map††††† Nunckley Quarry122

Nut Ripper Wall††††† Cademan Wood43

NutcrackerD††† Carvers Rocks49

OakVS††† *†††† Outwoods Crag

Oak Tree SlabS††† Hangingstone Rocks78


Oaks Pinnacle, map††††† Minor Outcrops108

Oaks Pinnacle. photo††††† Oaks Pinnacle124

Obelisk RiseE1††† *†††† Finedon Slabs

Old Rock `n' Roller††††† History††

Old Rock `n' RollerE2††† ***†††† Hangingstone Quarry ††

On Silent Wings of FreedomE2††† Beacon Hill

One Barrow Plantation††††† (see†† Blackbrook Reservoir)†† 29††

OrbVS††† **†††† Whitwick Quarry

Orchard Crack3c††† *†††† Finedon Slabs

Ordinary RouteD††† Pocketgate Quarry129

Outside WallS††† Beacon Hill

Outwoods Crag††††† Crag Quality ††


Outwoods Crag, map

Overhanging Wall††††† High Sharpley81

Overhanging Wall††††† Markfield Quarry

Overhanging Wall, map††††† High Sharpley41

OverhaulVD††† Groby Industrial Estate

Pagan (gone)††††† History††

Pataphysics††††† (see†† Sorceress)

Pebble DashE2††† Anchor Church Caves

Pegs ClimbVD††† Carvers Rocks48

Peldar Tor††††† (see†† Whitwick Rocks)†† 6††

Pete's ProgressD††† Anchor Church Caves

PhobosHVS††† Markfield Quarry

PicnicVS††† Granitethorpe Quarry

Pigeon CleftVD††† Bardon Hill

Pillar of WisdomS††† Anchor Church Caves

Pinfold Quarry††††† (see†† Whitwick Rocks)†† 139††

Pink SlabVS††† Markfield Quarry

Pinnacle Crag††††† Cademan Wood43

Pinnacle Crag††††† Hangingstone Rocks78

Pinnacle Crag, map††††† Cademan Wood40

Pinnacle RouteVD††† Hangingstone Rocks78

Pinnacle WallM††Hangingstone Rocks78

Pins and NeedlesVD††† Groby Industrial Estate

PipD††† Outwoods Crag

Plain SailingE2††† **†††† Markfield Quarry

PlutoniumE4††† **†† ††Hangingstone Quarry ††

Poachers Rock††††† Cademan Wood44

Poachers Rock, map††††† Cademan Wood41

Poachers Rock, plan††††† Cademan Wood44

Pocketgate Quarry††††† Crag Quality ††


Pocketgate Quarry, map

Pocketgate Quarry, photo††††† Pocketgate Quarry130

PokeryVS††† Carvers Rocks48

Polling DayS††† Whitwick Quarry

PollyHVS††† *†††† Finedon Slabs

Pool Wall††††† Markfield Quarry

Pool Wall, sketch††††† Markfield Quarry

Prefabricated Pomegranite S††† Markfield Quarry

Pretty ThingE2(?)††† Granitethorpe Quarry

Prickly PairVD††† Markfield Quarry

Primo CrackD††† Bardon Hill

PropVD††† Beacon Hill

PS170HVS††† Anchor Church Caves

PuckoonVS††† Huncote Quarry

Pullover Wall††††† Cademan Wood43

Pulsar5a††† Finedon Slabs

Puppy LoveVS††† Markfield Quarry

PuzzleD††† Outwoods Crag

QuarianticsHVS††† Markfield Quarry

QuasarVD††† Finedon Slabs

QuaverVS††† Whitwick Rocks140

Rack Direct††††† History††

Rack Direct††††† (see†† Heat Treatment)†† 90††

Rack Wall (gone)††††† Huncote Quarry

Rag SlabD††† Whitwick Rocks140

RaspberryE1††† Huncote Quarry

Ratchet Hill††††† Minor Outcrops

Ratchet Hill, map††††† Minor Outcrops

Rawson's Pit††††† (see†† Enderby Quarry)†† 54††

Red SlabS†† Blackbrook Reservoir30

Red Wall ArÍte (gone)††††† History††

RedshiftHVS††† Finedon Slabs

Reg's Crack††††† Cademan Wood42

Reg's Crack, map††††† Cademan Wood40

Regalia Buttress††††† Whitwick Quarry

Regalia Buttress, sketch††††† Whitwick Quarry138

RelayerE1††† Beacon Hill

Repton Rocks††††† (see†† Carvers Rocks)†† 47††

Reservoir Crag††††† High Sharpley81

Rhythm CollisionE5††† ***†††The Brand 38

Rift RouteM††† Hangingstone Rocks78

Right (Sun) Wall, sketch††††† Slawston Bridge133

Right ArÍteHVS††† Beacon Hill

Right ArÍteVD††† **†††† Oaks Pinnacle

Right ArÍteVD††† Whitwick Rocks140

Right CornerVD††† Beacon Hill

Right Wing of Right (Sun) Wall, sketch††††††† Slawston Bridge†† 134††

Rightside RouteHS††† **†††† Pocketgate Quarry 129

Rock `n' Roll SuicideE2(?)††† Granitethorpe Quarry

Roecliffe††††† (see†† Spring Hill Crag)†† 34††

RoofVD††† Outwoods Crag

RoofE1††† Pocketgate Quarry129

Route 1VD††† Hangingstone Rocks78

Route 2S††† Hangingstone Rocks78

Route 3S††† Hangingstone Rocks78

Route 4M††† Hangingstone Rocks78

Rupert Goes HikingS††† Granitethorpe Quarry

Rurp The Wild BerserkE6††† **†††† The Brand 37

SailawayHVS††† ***†† ††The Brand 36

Sand PieD††† Carvers Rocks48

Sandy ChimneyM††† Anchor Church Caves

Sapcote Quarry††††† (see†† Granitethorpe Quarry)†† 6††

Sapcote Quarry††††† Granitethorpe Quarry

SaucyE3††† **†††† Forest Rock 63

ScammelS††† Enderby Quarry55

SceptreVS††† ***†††† Whitwick Quarry

ScratchinsHVS††† Markfield Quarry

SenselessE3††† Forest Rock63

ShaftD††† Beacon Hill

Sheer Heart Attack††††† History††

Sheer Heart AttackE4††† ***†††† Hangingstone Quarry

Sheet Hedges Quarry††††† Stop Press

Shoot the MoonHVS††† Finedon Slabs

Siberia††††† Bardon Hill

Silava SlabsD††† Bardon Hill

Silk and SatinHVS††† **†††† Beacon Hill

Six Digit Wall6b††† Bradgate Park

Sixteen TonsHVS††† Huncote Quarry

Slab and ArÍteS††† Carvers Rocks49

Slab Route DirectS††† Granitethorpe Quarry

Slawston Bridge††††† Crag Quality ††


Slawston Bridge, map††††† Slawston Bridge132

Slawston Bridge, plan††††† Slawston Bridge132

Sliding Stone Crag††††† Bradgate Park33

Sliding Stone Crag, map††††† Bradgate Park34

SlimeyHVS††† Carvers Rocks48

Slip and SlideVS††† **†††† Pocketgate Quarry 129

Slippery SlabsVD††† Beacon Hill

Slow HomeS††† Markfield Quarry

Soar Crag††††† Mountsorrel Crags119

Soar Crag, plan††††† Mountsorrel Crags119

Soft and HardVS††† *†††† Craig Buddon

Soft RouteVS††† Markfield Quarry

Solemn†† E3†† Cliffe Hill

Sopewell Quarry††††† (see†† Granitethorpe Quarry)††

Sorcerer††††† History††

SorcererE1††† ***†††† Forest Rock 63

Sorcerer's Apprentice††††† History††

Sorcerer's ApprenticeE4††† *†††† Forest Rock 63

SorceressE6††† ***†††† Forest Rock 63

SP 1880S††† Carvers Rocks49

Spectra4c††† Finedon Slabs

Speed KingE2††† Markfield Quarry

SplashE3††† ***†††† The Brand 38

SplitD††† Outwoods Crag

Spring Hill Crag, Roecliffe††††† Bradgate Park34

Spring Hill Crags (Roecliffe)†††† Minor Outcrops

Sprint Start5c†† Beacon Hill

SqueakD††† Outwoods Crag

SquirrelD††† Outwoods Crag

Stable Pit††††† Bradgate Park32

Stable Pit, map††††† Bradgate Park34

Stairway to HeavenHVS††† Finedon Slabs

StarcoHVS††† *†††† Craig Buddon

StarlightHS††† Beacon Hill

Starship Trooper††††† History††

Starship TrooperE1††***†††† Beacon Hill

Starship Trooper, photo††††† Beacon Hill

Steeleye Span††††† History††

Steeleye SpanE4††† **†††† Huncote Quarry

Step Two5b††† Bradgate Park

StepsD††† Outwoods Crag

Stone Hole††††† (see†† Forest Rock)

Stoney Cove††††† Granitethorpe Quarry

Straight and NarrowHVS††† *†††† Craig Buddon

Stretcher††††† History††

Stride and FlakeVD††† Hangingstone Rocks77

StudioVD††† Nunckley Quarry121

Suffolk3c††† Bradgate Park

Suffragette CityE4††† **†††† The Brand 37

Sugar DaddyHVS††† Markfield Quarry

Summit Crag††††† Beacon Hill

Summit Crag, map††††† Beacon Hill

Summit Crag, photo††††† Beacon Hill

Sun Slab††††† Finedon Slabs59

Sun Slab, sketch††††† Finedon Slabs59

SundiveE2††† *†††† Huncote Quarry

Surveyor's WaltzE2††† Huncote Quarry

Swannymote Rock††††† Cademan Wood44

Swannymote Rock, map††††† Cademan Wood41

Swannymote Rock, plan††††† Cademan Wood45

SwastikaVS††† Finedon Slabs

Swastika(gone)S††† Huncote Quarry

Swastika Slab††††† Finedon Slabs56

Swastika Slab, sketch††††† Finedon Slabs57

Swithland Reservoir††††† (see†† Craig Buddon)†† 50††

Swithland Wood Quarry††††† Bradgate Park34

Swithland Wood Quarry, map††††† Bradgate Park34

TantalumHS††† Carvers Rocks49

Tap DanceVD††† Markfield Quarry

TeaspoonS††† Markfield Quarry

Telegraph RoadHVS††† Finedon Slabs ††

Temple Hill††††† Cademan Wood43

Ten Pin WallHS††† Beacon Hill

Teresa's CrackVS††† Morley Quarry116

Tetrion Traverse (6b), photo††††† Slawston Bridge135

The ArÍte4b††† Bradgate Park

The ArÍteM††† Hangingstone Rocks78

The Beacon Face††††† Beacon Hill

The BeastE4Cliffe Hill

The Bigger Splash4c††† Blackbrook Reservoir29

The Brand††††† Crag Quality ††

The Brand, map††††† Bradgate Park34

The Bulge5a††† Bradgate Park

The Camel's BackHVS††† Beacon Hill

The Chimney††††† Mountsorrel Crags118

The Cioch††††† Markfield Quarry

The Crimp††††† History††

The CrimpE3††† Huncote Quarry

The DrainVD††† *†††† Markfield Quarry

The EntertainerVS††† Groby Industrial Estate

The FlakeVD††† Bardon Hill

Girdle Traverse5b††† Bradgate Park

Girdle TraverseHVS††† *†††† Craig Buddon

The GriffinS††† Hangingstone Rocks77

The GullyD††† Beacon Hill

The Heart of the SunriseE1††† *†††† Beacon Hill

The Last StrawE1††† *†††† Beacon Hill

The LooserVD††† Groby Industrial Estate

The Missing LinkVS††† Whitwick Quarry

The NoseVD††† Hangingstone Rocks78

The Nuts (gone)††††† History††

The ObeliskHVS††† *†††† Finedon Slabs

The PathD††† Groby Industrial Estate

The PinchVS††† *†††† Pocketgate Quarry 129

The Plague (gone)††††† History††

The Rack5a††† Bradgate Park

The RackHVS††† *†††† Huncote Quarry

The RampVS††† Anchor Church Caves

The RampHVS††† *†††† Huncote Quarry

The RampVS††† Markfield Quarry

The RiftS††† Hangingstone Rocks78

The Ripper†† HVS(?)††††† Granitethorpe Quarry††

The Ripper (gone)E2††† Huncote Quarry

The ShallowsS††† The Brand36

The Shield††††† Huncote Quarry86

The SnipeVS††† Carvers Rocks48

The Stretcher (gone)5c††† Bradgate Park

The StretcherHVS††† **†††† Huncote Quarry

The StrollerHVS††† *†††† Huncote Quarry

The UFO Has Landed5b††† Finedon Slabs

The Un‑original RouteVS††† Huncote Quarry

The Wall RouteVD††† ***†††† Pocketgate Quarry 129

The WeathermanVS††† **†††† Granitethorpe Quarry

The WezzockS††† Whitwick Quarry

The WormVS††† Markfield Quarry

Thin Crack4a††† Bradgate Park

Thin Ragged Crack Slanting Left4c††† Bradgate Park

Third Time LuckyE1††† **†††† Beacon Hill

Third Time LuckyHVS††† The Brand37

ThornS††† *†††† Markfield Quarry

Three Peg Wall††††† History††

Three Peg WallE1††† *†††† Carvers Rocks 48

Thumbscrew4b††† Bradgate Park


Timberwood Hill††††† Oaks Pinnacle124

Titch and KwackerVS††† Markfield Quarry

To Be OverE1 †††**†††† Beacon Hill

Tootal5a††† Bradgate Park

Top SliceA2††† Forest Rock63

TorchVD††† Groby Industrial Estate

Trend Right††††† Markfield Quarry

Trent Bridge, Nottingham††††† Minor Outcrops

TrepidationHVS††† *†††† Craig Buddon

TrepidationVS††† Markfield Quarry

Trespass (gone)††††† History††

Tricky DickyS††† Groby Industrial Estate72

Trilobate Plantation††††† Cademan Wood42

Trundlers RewardHS††† Markfield Quarry

Tumble Trier (gone)††††† History††

Tummy Rumble Groove (gone)HS††† *†††† Huncote Quarry

Turry Tor††††† Cademan Wood42

Turry Tor, map††††† Cademan Wood40

Turry Tor, plan††††† Cademan Wood42

TweeHS††† Outwoods Crag

Twentysteps††††† Cademan Wood42

Twentysteps, map††††† Cademan Wood40

Twentysteps, plan††††† Cademan Wood43

Twyford Viaduct††††† Minor Outcrops

Under The StepsVD††† Groby Industrial Estate

UnderhandVS††† Bardon Hill

University Wall, Nottingham††††† Minor Outcrops

Unlucky DipVS††† Granitethorpe Quarry

Up The JunctionHVS††† Huncote Quarry

Upper Betty's Slab††††† Markfield Quarry

Upper Betty's Slab, sketch††††† Markfield Quarry

Upper Tier††††† Markfield Quarry

V GullyVS††† **†††† Beacon Hill

VC 1950E1††† *†††† Carvers Rocks 49

VegetationVD††† Groby Industrial Estate

VertexVS††† *†††† Hangingstone Quarry

Virago††††† History††

ViragoE1††† ***†††† Craig Buddon

Wall ClimbS††† Markfield Quarry

Warren Hill Quarry††††† (see†† Enderby Quarry)†† 54††

Warren Hills††††† Minor Outcrops

Warren Hills, map††††† Minor Outcrops108

Warren View Crag††††† Bradgate Park33

Warren View Crag, map††††† Bradgate Park34

Water Walls††††† The Brand37

Water Walls, photo††††† The Brand38

Weak WalkS††† ***†††† Markfield Quarry

Weak Walk DirectVS††† Markfield Quarry

Weekend Warrior††††† History††

Weekend WarriorE3†† Hangingstone Quarry ††

WhistHS††† Markfield Quarry

White DelightVD††† Groby Industrial Estate

White Dust (Powder) Opera††††† (see†† Sorcerer)†† 63††

White House Face††††† Grace Dieu Viaduct66

White Slab††††† Markfield Quarry

White SlabS††† *†††† Markfield Quarry

Whitwick Quarry††††† Crag Quality ††

Whitwick Quarry, map††††† Minor Outcrops

Whitwick Quarry, map††††† Whitwick Quarry137

Whitwick Rocks††††† Crag Quality ††

Whitwick Rocks, map††††† Minor Outcrops

Whitwick Rocks, map††††† Whitwick Rocks139



WilfredD††† Outwoods Crag

WilliamVD††† Groby Industrial Estate

Windmill Hill††††† Minor Outcrops

Windmill Hill, map††††† Forest Rock63

Wish You Were HereHVS††† Granitethorpe Quarry

Wishbone Crash††††† (see†† Sorcerers Apprentice)†† 63††

Wishing‑Stone Crag††††† Bradgate Park31

Wishing‑Stone Crag, map††††† Bradgate Park34

Wishing‑Stone Crag, photo††††† Bradgate Park32

Without FrictionVD††† Markfield Quarry

WodenVD††† Craig Buddon

XanthateHVS††† Huncote Quarry

Yennard's Quarry††††† Granitethorpe Quarry

Yours is No Disgrace5c††† Bradgate Park

Zapata (gone)HS††† *†††† Huncote Quarry

Zebedee (gone)VS††† Huncote Quarry

ZenE1††† *†††† Carvers Rocks 49

Zig‑ZagVS††† Bardon Hill

Zigger‑ZaggerVS††† Groby Industrial Estate

Zimmerman WallVS††† Hangingstone Rocks76